Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for/to/that:

  • be working from my beautiful new home in Wheeling (come and visit us, please!)
  • Elizabeth has excellent manners - and often says "Ganks, Mommy/Daddy/Grandma/Papi/Nana/Papa..."
  • Comcast finally came to our beautiful new home in Wheeling (come and visit us, please!) and installed our Internet and cable so that Reid didn't have to break his foot off in somebody's [bleep] - or that his "less rational wife" didn't have to deal with the not-so-good-folks at Comcast
  • despite me literally kicking my "Sweet Baby Girl" Kennedy out of the bed during our last night at Coleman Avenue, she still loves me dearly and wants to be right next to me all of the time - which she currently is! (Explanation of the literal kicking out of the bed - I was, for starters, exhausted - see my previous post referencing the meeting from Hell - and note this was the night that I came home. Then, you may need to note that Reid was sleeping in the middle of our bed, serious bed-hog Elizabeth (who was happy to see me after my being in Toronto for a week) was in between Reid and me...I was on a sliver of the bed, nearly falling off the edge. I went to move, and figured that Kennedy would be on the wide open space of the other 1/2 of the king size bed - on the other side of Reid. Naturally, she was not. She, too, had missed me after I had been in Toronto for a week. She was at my feet. I went to move. I kicked Kennedy. All I could see were her sweet little paws and this very puzzled look on her face as she slid off the bottom of our very high onto the hard wood floor. She landed on her right hip. She's been limping a bit since. Poor Sweet Baby Girl!)
  • the best family ever! My folks kept Elizabeth this week, until we came back to Wheeling - including driving her back up to Fairmont so I didn't have to go all of the way to Sutton to get her. Anne, Sean, & Alex served as high entertainment and play friends as well. (Exception would be when Sean tried to get Elizabeth to feed one of Charlie's horses - she still says, "No I not feed the horses!" She does, at least, recall feeding the chickens fondly, "They ate all the corn!" And I have a sneaking suspicion that Aunt Anne had her hands in the painting of her fingernails - a much bolder color than anything I have ever seen on Grandma!) My awesome in-laws - not only provided me a comfy place to sleep, but yummy food - and good entertainment of the Home Run Derby & All Star Game (neither of which Reid had!) Talking with Jake as he walked through the house yesterday giving me his impressions and opinions on what we should do in each room - and then I got a little giggle to myself as I heard him say "Oooh. Nutty Bars."
  • Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy on Sponge Bob for entertaining E at the moment...
  • Sporty Baby Golf DVD - because, trust me when I say this - her swing looks unbelievable sweet for her 2-1/2 years of age...great turn, keeping her eye on the ball, makes good contact with the ball. Reid can see a college scholarship in her future. (I did have to hold him back last night, literally, from giving her tips - perhaps a wee bit premature on that!)
  • batteries in the most annoying of toys don't last forever ;-)
  • Snapfish - so I can share pictures and receive pictures from friends and family - totally loving Aunt Cathy's album from today!
  • PhotoShop as I can do this (still a work in progress so that the lighting on Kennedy doesn't look like she was sitting in the living room and not with the three of us...which, of course, she was!):
  • My DH & DD:

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