Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today Reid & I celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. It was a rather difficult one. Not because of our relationship with each other - that is great (unless there is something you need to tell me, Sweetness...) But, today was Elizabeth's first day in Day Care. Like we were told, it would be harder on us than it would be on her.

Elizabeth faired well. She passed on the beef-a-roni for lunch - and who in their right mind could blame her? But she did eat all of her green beans and peaches. She also ate all of her snack which was animal crackers and yogurt. She only took a 30 minute nap - not a shock to us, but I believe the other 2-year-olds take 2+ hours in a nap. She "played with the kids" and "played on the playground." She cried a whole big bunch when we came to pick her up. She wanted to stay and play. For dinner, she is insisting on sitting at the "big table" and to drink from a regular cup - not a sippy cup. She is inhaling her food right now as I type. She is still a little excited from her big day. When she took too big of a bite of rice than could fit in her mouth, she spilled more than she shoveled in. Then she said, quietly I might add, "Kennedy, come here. I need your help." Then she proceeded to feed her the rice she dropped in her lap. I was too busy trying not to laugh to play Amy Vanderbilt and correct the poor table etiquette.

Nana & Papa were her this weekend and helped out a TON around the house. Rick and Reid fixed the gate. Carol, Elizabeth, and I weeded in the back "yard." They got us a lot of gardening tools (Reid & I skipped out on the horticulture class - if there ever was such a thing) and attempted a crash course at what are weeds and what needs trimmed/watered/nurtured. I thought Mother Nature was doing a fine job...and to prove me right, it rained a bit yesterday afternoon and cooled things off.

Thank goodness for the rain as we had a power outage for 4+ hours last evening. We uncovered candles...and Reid's headband flashlight (saucy!)...and played a wee bit of Trivial Pursuit. I think the score was tied when the power came back on. Circulating air never felt so good - and we called it quits with the game to just enjoy AC and the ceiling fans.

Here are a few pics from the weekend that I was going to post yesterday, but lost the post in the power outage and the computer losing battery power...

E playing with her new sprinkler...Diego got lonely as E was perplexed with his spinning action...Nana, what's on your shirt? Water perhaps?..."Slick" Rick earning his nickname & Reid at work...Can it get any better than silky 'jamas & a popsicle? Elizabeth doesn't think so!

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