Saturday, May 3, 2008

MEDICAL ALERT: Gem (WV) Chicken Bird Flu Virus UPDATE

This just in:

Anne reports - "Add Anne, Sean, Granddad Wine, Grandma Wine, Aunt Jane, Cousin Clint, and Aunt Cheryl to the "Typhoid Elizabeth Virus" list. She got sick BEFORE she saw the chickens so you can't blame it on them. I think everyone is on the mend now!!!!"

You say tomato (typhoid Elizabeth virus), I say tamato (Gem Chicken Bird Flu Virus)...


Paula said...

yikes...that was no joke of a sickness

Reid's Blog said...

I'm not sure what it was that floated up the crick, but I'm glad I got in and out of Gem...everyone in Gem got sick and I was only there a few hours...I was with Elizabeth all weekend and I didn't get, methinks it was something (other than the sulfur) in the water and not something that E carried...I'm no Doctor, but I have stayed in a Holiday Inn.

It was an enjoyable trip to the Lazy W other than the illness that everyone seemed to suffer from...hopefully the 'Gem Bird Flu' has floated downstream.