Thursday, May 15, 2008

Funny Stuff...

First of all, if you didn't see the Petraeus Hearings skit on SNL featuring WV "Senator" Bob Byrd, you're missing out. Get it here:

Now, some of Elizabeth's recent funnies:

  • Yesterday on the drive to Nana's & Papa's, there were a few birds on the road. One bird waited until my car was very close before it flew away. My little back-seat drive said, "Sheeeew. That was a close call!"
  • E is obsessed with Boo-Boos. She wants a bandaid on a freckle. She'll kiss anything that resembles a boo-boo. It's really awfully sweet. Last week, she wanted to kiss the boo-boos on Papa's hand. After several kisses, she gave up and told Nana, "Papa's all boo-boos."
  • Last weekend, Reid, Elizabeth, and I went to Grandma & Papi's for Mother's Day. Reid was helping Elizabeth get ready for church when she started jumping around (literally) exclaiming, "I love church! I love church!"
  • During Mass she was really quite good. She was on her belly on the kneeler "swimming" (albeit quietly.) When she was sitting on the kneeler, she discovered that she could see her own reflection in the back of the pew. Aunt Anne is so proud.


Paula said...

that is really cute. i am glad you posted the SNL clip. we were coming home from the pirates game and missed the begining of SNL..that was pretty funny.

Reid's Blog said...

Hi-f*#&@^-lariou...there is ample parking in Wheeling...a must watch!