Monday, October 8, 2007

Words & Phrases

We're really going to be in for it soon...Elizabeth is repeating a TON! In fact, during the Red Sox game on Friday, when the Sox briefly let the Angels back in the game, Daddy (my Daddy) said, "Oh, $hit." Which, if you know my Daddy, is a rare thing to catch him swearing. Next thing you know, a very tired Elizabeth guessed it "$hit." At least we haven't heard a repeat performance of the swearing...which means somebody may want to take her off of my hands, STAT!

I was trying to figure out a more comprehensive list of the words & phrases Elizabeth can say. I'm sure this will still be missing some, but I have broken the listing into categories (that made sense to me.) If there is a * beside the word, she can also make the sign for the word. Here goes:

  • PEOPLE: Mama/Mommy/Jennie; Daddy; Kenny (Kennedy); Nana; Papa; RaRa (Rikki); Doh (Doug); Larry; Boomer; Gamma (Grandma); Papi; Anne; Sean; Ali (Alex); CaCa; Caylin; Jake; Stewie; Joe; Sarah; Hans; Rich; Steeb (Steve); Erin (sounds more like Anna, though); Rusty; Tim; Nancy; Stella; Connie; Johnny (Mom & Daddy's neighbor); Tyler; Will (sounds like wheel); Justin; Booty; Ben; Joel; and Jon (the last 7 are members/graduates of the Fairmont State golf team)
  • PLACES: Home; Church; Pool
  • MOVING THINGS: Car; Truck; Bus; Ball; Train
  • NOISY THINGS: Drum; Horn; Violin; Xylophone; Hoo Hoo (that's E speak for a whistle)
  • FOOD-RELATED: *Eat; Cup; Spoon; *Wadder (water); *Milk; *Bobble (bottle); Ice; Coffee; Lunch; Bean; Corn; Peas; Ham; Cheese; Apple; Peach; Honey; Pear; Cake; Cookie; Brownie; *Cracker; Egg; Banana; Grapes; Nut; Pumpkin; Pizza; Yogurt; Yummy
  • ANIMAL KINGDOM: Animal; Dog/Puppy; Cat/Kitty/Meow; Cow; Bird; Tiger; Elefan (elephant); Bear; Lion; Fish; Duck; Turtle; Monkey; Butterfly; Goat; Horse; Pig; Lady Bug; Octopus; Panda; Quail; Whale; Zebra; Frog; Owl; Dinosaur; Lamb; Cardinal; Bunny Rabbit; Bee; Gecko; Squirrel
  • BODY PARTS: Head; Toes; Hand; Eyes; Mouth; Nose; Ears; Arm; Ebow (elbow) Teeth; Hair; Foot; Knee; Belly (she can point to all of these body parts on either herself or someone else)
  • THINGS WE DO: *Play; *Bath; Sleep; Swing; Kick; Potty; Pee; Rock Rock (in the rocking chair); Clean; Read; Ride; Color; Peek; Catch; Bounce; Five (as in a high 5); Sit (sometimes!)
  • CHARACTERS: Bobby (Spongebob); Patrick; Snoopy; Santa; Elmo; Mickey; Mimi (character from her Baby Einstein books); Bobo (character from the book Hug)
  • OTHER WORDS: Funny; Umbella (umbrella); Chair; Stop; Baby; Angel; Cross; Again; *More; Golf; See; *Hep (help); *Peas (please); *Up; *Down; In; Out; On; Picture; Ouch; *Hurt; Hug; Leaf; Flower; Wave (identifying a picture of an ocean wave); Phone; Pillow; Happy; Hi/Hey; Boy; Lady; One; Two; Three; Ready; Yea!; Book; *Diader (diaper); Hat; Glasses; Socks; Shoe; Shirt; Keys; Sox (as in Red Sox); Ginia (West Virginia - identifies the flying WV logo every time and says "Ginia"); Want; Hewow (Hello); Sun; Ring; Money; Grass; Purse; Watch (the one that tells time); Star; Moon; Paci (pacifier); Hot (usually in reference to my coffee); Igloo; Kite; Yarn; Tree; Sunset (identifying a picture of a sunset); Moon; Ocean (identifying a picture of the ocean); Clock; Queen; Balloons; Sticker; Block; String; Sleep; Bell; Mirror; Comb; Brush; Garbage; Nasty; Dirty; Sleeve; Squeegee; Push; Flag; Cuddle; Kisses
  • PHRASES: *All Gone; No, No, No!; Hush (any time Kennedy barks, E tells her "Hush!"); Hey Lady (usually what she says to greet Erin); Beep Beep Beep (upon sight of a school bus or when hearing a little bit of the "Wheels on the Bus" song); Bye-Bye. See Ya Later.; I'll Get It.; Shhh - ___ Sleeping; Uh-Oh; Good Girl (to Kennedy); I'm cooking; Want It; Thank You; Night Night; Love You; Oh God (we're thrilled with that one, let me tell you!)

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suecunningham said...

What a amazing child she is. It's so much fun hearing her new words every time I see her.