Monday, October 1, 2007

My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.

Okay, perhaps quoting Gerry Ford was a bit dramatic...but it was a near national crisis to me! (And I certainly attacked this issue with more care and concern than the idiot currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave does for our national interests, but that, my friends, is another Oprah!)

I ordered Elizabeth's Halloween costume, Princess Leia, on September 7th. I razzed Auntie Anne to get on the ball and get Alex's costume ordered. I waited and waited. Alex's Yoda costume arrived at Grandma & Papi's. I waited. I contacted the online store where I had placed my order. They told me that the Princess Leia costume is on back order. They may or may not get it in stock. Essentially - SOL. I went to Ebay - and paid what I think is an un-Godly amount of money for a Halloween costume (made completely of cheap fleece - cheap, cheap fleece). And, finally, I could breathe a huge sigh of relief when the costume arrived. It is cute, cute, cute! But Nana is going to have to work some of her Betsy Ross magic as the headpiece is HUGE - it fits me!

I've been such the slacker on my posts (and in uploading pictures) these days. So, here are a few shots of Elizabeth helping to bake Papa's birthday cake.

Baker's Note: Don't even THINK about decorating the reduced sugar cake with the reduced sugar icing. It may taste good, but what a gooey pain to work with. The cake is very moist and crumbly. The icing is just goo. Lesson learned on this adventure!

Boo Boo Update: The knot on E's noggin that you see here is finally gone. Left of the china cabinet incident is a small dot of a scar. Last night she banged up the other side of her forehead (closer to her hairline) when she hit her head on the coffee table - not realizing how close she was to it when she bent down to get a block. You block head!

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