Friday, October 5, 2007


Elizabeth is changing so much every day. I am continuously amazed at the increase of her vocabulary. According to BabyCenter (

19 to 24 months
Your child now understands as many as 200 words, though he'll probably use only 50 to 75 of them regularly. Many of these words will be nouns that designate objects in his daily life, such as "spoon" and "car." Between 18 and 20 months, his pace will pick up as he acquires ten or more new words each day. If he's especially focused on learning to talk, he can add a new word to his vocabulary every 90 minutes — so watch your language!

I know, I know...I need to pay special attention to the watching of my language... are some of the new(er) words for Elizabeth since I last posted about her language development (I'm sure that the list is not complete):
Funny - she uses "funny" in context when something is funny to her
Play - she's said this one for a while, but she's doing the same hand gesture (it's a difficult word to sign for a tot!)
Lion - very clearly...and can id a lion on her cards and in books
Set - Erin has taught her to "set" for her first volleyball skill
Bird - when she identifies this by a picture or in a book
Hurt - with sign - typically right before she pulls on a fist full of Kennedy's hair
Bus - she can identify the real deal school bus, or a picture of one
Beep, Beep, Beep - this is what usually follows seeing a bus "beep, beep, beep" from one of her favorite tunes - The Wheels on the Bus...
Want - she may want something, but we're not always as good at figuring out what it is...
Again, Again - usually to see the dancing Elizabeth & Alex video I posted a while ago (funny if you haven't seen it, you'll want to check that out!)
Color - she loves to "color, color, color"
Book - she loves her books
Pillow - she loves either sitting on the big pillows at home or at Nana's & Papa's, or just chucking them off of the couch at home or at Grandma & Papi's
Watch - by sight for the thing that tells the time
Tyler - E typically says "Tyler" any time the phone rings or when she is playing with the phone. She has good taste in men.
Dum - not dumb, but "dum" for drum
Horn - pointing out a trumpet in her point and see book
Wave - identifying an ocean wave on her flash cards
Patrick - Bobby's BFF (Sponge Bob if you aren't on Elizabeth speak)
Corn - for that yummy treat Daddy shares with her
Diader - for "diaper" with sign
Shoe - and she usually tries to walk around in our shoes
Socks - for the warm things that go on your feet
Sox - for Gooooo Red Sox!

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