Monday, August 13, 2007

Something to talk about

Elizabeth's vocabulary is increasing with each passing day. It is really exciting to witness her picking up new words. Here are some of the latest words she's using frequently:

  • "Shaw" - for Uncle Sean (this is especially pleasant when she says it during Alex's baptism Mass - with a mouth full of Cheese Nips - sorry if she got any of those in your hair, Jane!)
  • turtle
  • duck (sadly, she's not quacking as much)
  • golf - she even pointed to the picture of Tiger Woods in the newspaper on Sunday morning and told her Uncle Sean, "golf"
  • see - she says this after you take her picture as she is running to "see" the digital image on the back of the camera display
  • sit - not that she does much sitting herself, but she was telling a baby doll at Grandma's & Papi's this weekend, "You sit!"
  • monkey
  • tiger
  • bear
  • oh my - she said this at Grandma's & Papi's this weekend, too...after I moved most of her toys from the living room to Anne's bedroom...when she came into Anne's bedroom to get a diaper change, she spied her toys and said, "Oh my!"
  • puppy & dog
  • "hep" - for "help"
  • "peas" - with sign for "please"

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