Monday, August 27, 2007

Feeling Hot! Hot! Hot!

Wow! Was this weekend hot of what???

The WV Pete Dye Classic was fun to work...and we enjoyed Erin staying with us (so she didn't have to do the extra drive in the morning or evenings to Motown.) According to Elizabeth, "Erin" and "Anne" sound very similar.

We had about as much fun as we cared to in the 97 degree heat with 97% humidity. Blech!

Where was Elizabeth's sprinkler ball when we needed it on the course???

Here are some other cute pictures from our last trip to Mom/Grandma's & Daddy/Papi's:

E's first taste of corn on the cob (garden fresh, no less!) Yummy! Poor Reid had to share...

Elizabeth getting a "ride" from Papi. She loved getting to be pushed around in the wheel barrow. When that didn't suit her anymore, she thought she could trade places with Papi.

Giving a sweet kiss to "Ali," her baby cousin, Alex!

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