Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pearly Whites

Elizabeth was slower than average to cut teeth. It didn't bother me because I loved the toothless grin until she sprouted her first teeth. But it seems, until this week, we had been stuck on 7. Four uppers and 3 bottom teeth (the lateral incisor on the right side was the "missing" bottom tooth.)

On Thursday, Reid & Nana spied the right bottom first molar. Today, Grandma & I spied the two upper first molars and the bottom right lateral incisor. She still has not shown signs of getting the bottom or upper cuspids. (I've also heard them referred to as the "eye teeth" - not sure where that comes from.)

Fortunately, she has gotten all of these teeth with no fuss - just lots of chewing (kind of like Kennedy when she was teething...)

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