Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Pintrest Project - Wreathes

So far in the pinning, I have pinned quite a few crafts.  Some of which I am hopeful Elizabeth can do with me, others are just for yours truly.  Here are two crafts that Elizabeth and I did together.

Balloon Wreath: The one I saw on Pintrest didn't look as full as I would have liked, but I thought it was super-cute and festive.  I don't remember how many packs of balloons I went through but it was a LOT more than was recommended in the instructions.  I would have used more if I could have found more in those colors (and I searched.  Frequently.)  The Verdict:  I like it.  It's cute.  It was a bit more expensive than what I thought going into it.  Elizabeth was proud to help me with the project.  Since I hung it on our inside door, it will keep for a few years (before the balloons dry-rot).  Check out ours and judge for yourself!

Googly-Eye Halloween Wreath:  I couldn't keep the festive Balloon wreath up until Christmas, so something had to be done.  I thought E would get a kick out of this one, too, and who doesn't like googly eyes???  I used a smaller wreath that I bought for doing more than one balloon wreath (and the picks wouldn't come close to going through that wreath...not to mention there would have been a massive balloon shortage then!).  I covered that wreath in ribbon that I had on hand.  Then we were off to gluing.  I lost count of the number of packs of googly eyes we used, but, again, way more than the instructions called for.  The Verdict:  Super cute.  E loved doing it, until she got bored as we had to wait for a long time for glue to dry (because I wasn't about to do anything with hot glue around her!)  We're quire happy with this one, too.  Again, it's hanging on the inside front door, so we should be able to use this for lots of Halloweens to come!  Check out ours (not yet hanging) for yourself!

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