Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Big Girl...

Elizabeth is becoming such a big girl these days. Despite her resistance, she is learning to read...she's joined the Girl Scouts (Daisies, more precisely)...and is playing basketball.

She does really well with reading, when she takes the time to stop what she's doing to focus. Therein lies the problem. She doesn't want to have to stop what she's doing to do something else. We're working on that, though... Last night she went all the way through her reading box of words without any issues, whining, etc. Baby steps...

She is quite proud of her vest and to be in the Daisies. The woman who is the group leader is very nice, and understanding of my work schedule, which is nice as well.

Elizabeth has started basketball as well. She is the tallest kid in the group (all of them are in Kindergarten.) She's all legs compared to the other kiddos. After the first night, she said she did as well as John Wolosinczuk...not to burst her bubble, but I wasn't seeing that...she did quite well, though...maybe not John Wolosinczuk good, but awesome for a 5 year old with lowered rims good!

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