Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Elizabeth - Kindergarten Picture!

On September 20th, Elizabeth had her first school picture day. The outfit I ordered for her pictures came the day after picture day (my luck!), so we had to spend the evening before shopping like a mad woman to get something that would look good from the chest up (because I'm THAT anal-retentive...and despite the fact that she and I had just purchased some school clothes a few weeks before, honestly most of that stuff was too warm for her to wear for picture day!). So, I found a super cute sweater dress (with matching leggings), am able to talk her into thinking it is cute...get her bathed the morning of the pictures (her hair curls better immediately after it has been washed), manage to have her eat without using her clothes as a napkin, get the barrette (that I covered in ribbon while she was bathing - had to match the outfit) in the hair...and we're heading out the door to go to school.

That's when I notice something on her face.

Silly Mama, I ask her if she has food on her face.

E replies, "Nope. It's just boogers."

Awesome :-|

At least none showed up in her picture!!!

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