Monday, May 16, 2011

Red Chief Rides Again...

Being a 'single' parent this week while Reid is away, I let Elizabeth have chocolate cake for breakfast on Sunday -- of course while singing a la Bill Cosby, "Mom is great! Givin' us chocolate cake!"

After dinner this evening, Elizabeth asked for chocolate cake for dessert. Since she'd eaten well, I obliged. She starts singing my take on the Cosby song, "Mom is great! Givin' us chocolate cake!"

Then she turns to Cate and sings, "Cate is great! Drinkin' her boobie milk!"


Kennedy briefly walked on the blanket I have on the floor in the living room for Cate to roll around on since we have hard-wood floors...and this is what I hear from Miss Bossy Pants, "Grrrrrr! That makes me so mad!" What, I ask. "Kennenny stepping on Cate's blanket. Mom, can I call her a damn dog?"

Ummmmm, no!

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