Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cate Update!

April 1st - No foolin' - Cate is pretty consistently sleeping through the night! (Now, run - no, sprint to knock on as much wood as you can find! Seriously.)

April 13th - Rolly-poly Cate is exactly 19 weeks old...and rolled for the first time!

April 16th - Stinky cereal - Big sister, Elizabeth gets to feed Cate her first bites of cereal, and Cate did pretty well...subsequent days, not so much.

April 17th - Cate has an upper respiratory infection and has been put on a breathing treatment similar to what they do for babies with asthma. So when she has to do her breathing treatments from the nubulizer, we call it the "Willie Nelson Treatment."

April 30th - Look Ma, I have hands! She's really staring at her hands these days.

May 8th - Toes are not only fun for grabbing, but for sucking, too! (Clarification - HERS, not mine!!! Feet other than hers still pretty much creep me out!)

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