Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for/to/about:

  • A smarty-smart gal named Elizabeth who was officially moved up to the 3 year old room (yes, 3 months early!) this week. She is cuddling next to me right now forcing me to type with the use of only my right hand (depending on how thankful I am today, this one hand typing might make the inaugural "Frankly my dear...Friday" blog post.)
  • That Elizabeth is almost excited about her Halloween costume as I am. "I be Wonder Woman [for] Halloween! Chhhh! Chhhh! Chhhh!" (fighting off bullets with her indestructible bracelets)
  • That my Sweetness gets me...and didn't bat an eye at my need to turn away from the Sox at the moment. For this and so many other reasons that I will get to in just a second (this one handed thing is already wearing on me) I am such a lucky girl!!!
  • That I have a new dishwasher in my old house!
  • That I have such an awesome mom...not just that she cleaned my house when she was here earlier this week (and no, Jake, she isn't my "new dishwasher"!). She's just fun to be around...and did I mention that she cleaned my house?
  • That West Liberty hosted Dick Morris on Tuesday. I found him quite interesting - even though we don't quite see eye-to-eye on several major issues.
  • That my Obama signs finally came in the mail today...can you believe that I was getting impatient???
  • Facebook - just having fun this week with several blast-from-the-past connections!
  • How would it be a Thankful Thursday if I didn't mention my original "Sweet Baby Girl," Kennedy? Happiness is a warm puppy!

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