Friday, September 14, 2007

Weekend - Virginia Beach

Labor Day weekend (yes, I'm behind on my postings, get over it!) Reid, Elizabeth, & I went to Virginia Beach - stayed with Steve, Jessica, & Grace. We had a FABOO time!!! Steve & Jess were soooo good to us...and I must still get the recipe (still working on the Morton Family Cookbook) for the cheesy potatoes that Jess made - delish! (I have been able to successfully replicate the shrimp with cheese tortellini recipe - E loved it again! She didn't inhale 3 servings of mine like she did Jess's, but liked it a lot!)

Here are a few pictures from just a few of the funny moments:

Elizabeth found Grace's Barbie collection...and borrowed a chair. She thought she could sit in it...and we all nearly lost it! Too funny!!!
Grace has this great Barbie battery operated car. (No worries, Elizabeth still isn't that interested in Barbie - maybe I can avoid this completely!) Anyway, Grace was so good to give Elizabeth a ride around the street. I think E could have spent half the day in there...but good for Grace that she didn't expect to be driven around all afternoon. Reid & I took Grace & Elizabeth to the beach. Grace is really swimming quite well! Naturally, this was Elizabeth's first trip to the beach. She enjoyed it - despite not having taken a nap. She LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the sand. I think she would have spent all day just digging in the sand if we would have been game for that. She liked the tide washing up on her feet, but certainly did not like her feet getting buried. Although she loves the pool (even pointed to the ocean and said, "pool", she wasn't really wanting to go out into God's pool. Maybe this was lack of sleep, maybe this was just good enough judgement on her part that she can't swim well enough to swim with the fishes.) Elizabeth had her first summer fling with a cute boy - younger than her, just like she likes them!

We can't wait to get back to the beach...and to see Steve, Jess, & Grace again.

Thanks for the great time!!!

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