Saturday, September 8, 2007

Kennedy's ordeal...

The last time Reid & I were at Mom & Daddy's, Reid noticed this "thing" in Kennedy's mouth. We got her to the doctor as soon as we could.

Reid poked fun of me because, although the doctor said that Kennedy was in good health (dropped a few pounds even!), I focused on other things he said. He said that she had a slight heart murmur...and that she would need her teeth cleaned (especially since they would have to put her under anesthesia to remove the "thing"), and he called the "thing" (and I quote) "interesting." (It was attached only to the gum, not also connected to a tooth.)

You don't like hearing the word "interesting" to describe some abnormal growth.

Still Reid continued to poke fun at me. I continued to remind him Kennedy had been in my life longer than he had. (It didn't stop the poking.)

On Tuesday, the "interesting" thing was removed with great success. The doctor said once he was able to get Kennedy asleep and to get a better look at this "interesting" thing, it was an easy removal. She only got two stitches as a result. She got her teeth cleaned, too, and they are sparkling! We still have to await the results of whether or not this "interesting" thing is benign or not...but all is looking up!


suecunningham said...

I'm glad to see the "thing" has been taken care of and both you and Kennedy survived.

Paula said...

glad that it went ok. keep us updated on what the doc says