Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Mom's a Slacker

Okay, that was Weezie talking...not MY Mom...who cleaned my house when I was at my Annual Meeting and was Elizabeth's care taker...

I've been busy & haven't had time to post. Hopefully I'll get a few moments to catch you up on the goings on in our home.

Reid & I just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. Yea!

Elizabeth continues to grow and her vocabulary is increasing at a rapid pace. Most of the new words are either body parts or have to do with food - she has an incredible appetite (we think she is in a growth spurt.) To our dismay, she still continues to climb on anything that stops moving for a second - I think she would try to use Kennedy for a step stool if she wasn't always hoovering at my feet. All pictures of all babies are now "Ali" (Alex) - including the photos on the mantle of Elizabeth. We're looking forward to the Wines coming back to WV in a couple of weeks for Alex's baptism.

Aunt Rikki and Elisa (not sure about Show Doug) are coming in this weekend. Rikki hasn't seen Elizabeth since Easter - what a surprise she'll be in for!

I promise I'll post more later...but very, very behind on my work (and go figure, I'm posting from my office - yipes!) do to all of the goings on with our 51st Annual Meeting.

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suecunningham said...

Enjoy Rikki's visit. Hope to see you soon.