Monday, July 2, 2007

I'll Teach My Dog a lot of Words

"I'll Teach My Dog A lot of Words" (by Michael Firth - a Dr. Suess collection book)is one of Elizabeth's favorite books - she has a lot of favorite books, though...I mean a LOT of favorite books!

Anyway, I was trying to figure out what all words she can "say" (some signs help us figure out what she is saying) goes:

  • Dada (her first word)
  • Mama
  • Nana
  • Papa
  • Anne (yes, Auntie Anne, she points to your picture and says Anne - two syllables, like you always wanted a two syllable name)
  • Rara (for Aunt Rikki - when she's pointing to your picture)
  • Up (definitely UP, with an emphatic sign)
  • Bye-bye (waiving to herself, mostly!)
  • Cat
  • Kenny (for our dog, Kennedy)
  • No, no, no
  • Ea (for eat, with sign)
  • Mo (for more, with sign)
  • Wa (for water, with sign)
  • All Gone (with sign, for when she is finished eating)
  • Ba (for bath, with sign)
  • Ball (with sign)
  • Bobby (for Sponge Bob, they're close like that - her favorite TV show to watch with Dada)
  • Happy
  • Baby
  • Sit (usually after we're yelling at her to SIT on the furniture rather than stand/jump on the furniture)
  • Hey/Hi
  • Yeah! (for anything deserving applause, like dancing or singing, staying out of something she isn't supposed to be meddling in, or putting books away)
  • Ham
  • Hat
  • Head
  • Hand
  • Hug (E loves the book "Hug" with the monkey, Bobo, looking for a hug from his Mama!)
  • Car (any moving vehicle)
  • Cross (especially when she is digging in Grandma's shirt to see her cross necklace)
  • Hot (like my coffee cup)
  • Cold (every time the refrigerator door is opened, or usually when she is holding her milk)
  • Shoe
  • Apple
  • Two
  • Free (as in one, two, three!)
  • Please (with sign - sometimes)
  • Caca (not sure whether this is for Aunt Caca - or for the other kind of caca, both can be rather similar ;-) )
  • SIGNS milk - refuses to say anything like it
Other super cute things (not that I am partial or anything) that she does relating to language are:
  • She quacks - when she sees a picture of a duck
  • She pants - when you ask her how the puppy goes
  • She growls - when you ask her how Boomer (Nana & Papa's temperamental cat) goes
  • When she give you a hug, you usually get "awww" to go with it
  • And, when you get a kiss, you usually get a "mmma" to go with it

Just thought some of these may brighten your day! (Let me know if I'm leaving anything off either of these lists - I'll update if necessary!)