Monday, April 9, 2007

Had a great Easter with the Mortons, as expected. It's always fun to be with family!

Anne's shower went very well! She got so many things - opened gifts for nearly 1-1/2 hours! Lots and lots of stuff for my little nephew - and their small NYC apartment! I think my reputation as a hostess will remain in good standing, at least until the next shin-dig. It really was all about me, wasn't it?

Now I'm back to thinking creatively for work projects...and Reid's work-related projects...and the Morton Family Cookbook...

I'll need to post some pictures from Anne's shower soon as I can get them downloaded from my fabulous camera (thankyouverymuch, Sweetness!) Plus, I'll need to get the pictures from Easter up here and out to family!

Aunt Rikki & Show Doug are coming in this weekend. Yea! They will be so amazed to see how much E has grown since Christmas. Looking forward to the upcoming visit...

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