Monday, April 9, 2007

Anne's Shower

All went very well for Anne's shower, aside from a couple of coffee pots not working properly. Aunt Calla & Lori were able to save the remains of the coffee without anyone knowing what had happened.

Anne & Sean got a ton of stuff. She opened gifts for nearly 1-1/2 hours.
Anne looks smashingly cute preggers! Lori & I were in matching sweaters - not planned! (We did match the base color on the invitations, though!)
It snowed quite a bit while the shower was wrapping up - ended up with a couple of inches by morning! Amazing! And I don't mean amazing in a good way...I mean it more in the holy crapoly, why is it snowing on Easter weekend sort of amazing!
I'm sure Sweetness is glad this shower business is over and done with! Now I don't have an excuse for our dining room to look like a hurricane went through it!

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