Thursday, March 8, 2012

Elizabeth's Cool School Project

Elizabeth had a cool school project: craft a plastic egg to look like a character from literature. 

She loves crafts.  She doesn't love books (yet, we hope).  So, I wanted to make this really fun for her -- and to get her at least a little excited to read a bit more about her character.  I wanted her to do the egg by herself (although the instructions said parents could help).  So I only helped (aka: did) the background for her egg.

So, unlike every project that I have ever had to do that involved reading a fictional book -- I actually bought the book rather than having E pick up my bad, let's just watch the movie habits.  The Lorax. 

She did so well in working with the yellow fuzzy stuff I bought for making the eyebrows and mustache.  She even did a nose and mouth out of her Play-Dough -- the mouth is especially difficult to see thanks to the fuzzy mustache, but it is there!

Here is the school's link to the Egg'Citing Fashion Show.  As you will see, several of the eggs are awesomely cute, but I'm not sure what book (other than perhaps an NFL stat book) features Troy Polamalu as a character.  E's egg is at the 1:15 mark of the video. 

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