Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cate - 9 months!

Three quarters of a year is behind us - holy crap! Cate continues to eat more and more table food. Shockingly, she is in a lower percentile with her weight I recently learned at her 9 month checkup (she went down to the 50-75th percentile in weight as she currently weighs 20 lbs, 6 oz.). She's in the 90th percentile in height (27-3/4").

Cate is somewhat less cranky of an evening when I'm not yet home...somewhat. We still reserve the right to refer to her as "Cranky Cate" though!

Elizabeth is a fabulous big sister and Cate wants to be in her presence.

Cate is not only pulling up, but starting to cruise...she still loves the pool, but now with it being an end to summer (boo hoo!), baths will have to be it! Still no teeth, but keep thinking they will be coming at any point...

Here's her quilt picture (click on the image to view it larger):

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