Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cate - 8 Months!

Gracious sakes where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday Cate was happy as a clam when being fed baby food. Oh, yeah, it was only yesterday. This that has fallen by the way-side though as she is preferring to feed herself nibblets of apples, peaches, pasta, and potatoes. Will soon be trying carrots, avocado, sweet potatoes, and fish. If she has trouble picking the food off her tray, no worries, she'll scoot it over to the edge and suck it off the tray! (The pic to the right was taken on Thursday, 8 months-4 days, when Cate consumed her first "table food." She was concentrating sooooo hard to pick the pasta up...this was before she figured out how to scoot it over to suck it up!)

She's crawling quite well but for the last couple of weeks has been preferring to pull herself up. She's getting so bold with this skill that earlier this week she didn't think she needed to hold on...Daddy says she lasted for about 2 seconds before literally did a nose dive onto the hard wood floor. (I was driving home from work when this happened.) Fortunately, Elizabeth was able to help Reid in the clean up of Cate's bloody nose by helping to entertain her baby sister and helping to supply Daddy in wipes.

Elizabeth remains Cate's favorite person to see. She pretty much squeals upon site of E. And, so far so good on the reorganization of the playroom (doesn't hurt that with the Star Wars wall decals have E feeling that it is now a Star Wars Playroom - and that she has been able to see that anything/everything that is in Cate's path is going in Cate's mouth!).

Cate continues to love playing in the pool, which is also great since Elizabeth is swimming more and more like a fish each day. (Truly amazing how much better of a swimmer E became with the week at "Camp Grandma"! She's now swimming on her back some. She is impressed with herself for being able to jump off the diving board backwards. What I think is most impressive is when she jumps off the diving board and swims the length of the pool!)

It's amazing how quickly Cate is going from tiny little baby to coming up on a toddler! You will have to click on the quilt picture below to view it larger...

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