Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful to/for/about:

  • Safe travels this week to & from Atlanta...and especially a score on a better timed one-way flight home (otherwise my plane wouldn't have yet departed).
  • A warm welcome from my Sweet Babboo...and my darling daughter (in order that I saw them!)
  • Elizabeth who was quoted as saying at dinner tonight, "Ice cream will make me healthy." She so tickles me!
  • My Sweet Babboo remembering to throw out the jack-o-lantern this week with the was quite rotten when I left for my trip, but I wasn't gonna touch it!
  • Sesame Street for 40 wonderful years! What great educational fun for both young and old! (And for the free Google Sesame Street t-shirts that will be coming my way for a Christmas purchase or two for Elizabeth & Alex! Love a bonus gift!
  • Elizabeth's teachers - she's doing so well writing some of her letters. (Darn us for giving her such a long name...some day she will have all of those letters licked...and in their proper order!)
  • For all of our Veterans...and those who are currently serving our country. (Please pray for my friend Robbie Godfrey who departs for Afghanistan tomorrow - God speed, Robbie!)

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