Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wild Turkey

With the shopping season among us, it is about time I got around to posting about Thanksgiving! We had a great, albeit too brief, visit with my family in Webster Springs. Caylin's birthday (6th) was the day before Thanksgiving and Aunt Cathy's (had you sweatting bullets on that one CaCa!) on Thanksgiving Day...too much good food, and plenty of cake icing - yum!

Caylin is sooooo good to share with Elizabeth - we had much reason for concern with this prior to E's arrival as Caylin didn't want a baby cousin. She gave Elizabeth a pair of light-up Cinderella shoes (aka "hooker shoes" - since there is not only bling, but feathers and a heel!) that she has outgrown and drove E on goodness only knows how many trips around Cathy's house.

Anne & I had the brilliant idea of getting Elizabeth & Alex all dressed up in their Christmas outfits to get some pictures for our Christmas cards. It's truly amazing how uncooperative a 22-month old and 6-month old (just about) can be when their anal-retentive mothers hatch a plan. At least we had a good laugh about it.

Reid, Elizabeth, and I surprised the Amoses arriving a little earlier than what I think they were expecting us to on Friday evening. Rikki was already working on the tree, and Elizabeth really enjoyed looking at all of the ornaments - plenty of breakables on Nana & Papa's tree! As always, we enjoyed getting to see Rikki & Doug...

(Pictures of Elizabeth "I jumping. I jumping.", giving Alex a hug, and then having him in a headlock - Sweet!)

And we're now off to the races with the Christmas shopping! I have wrapped a few packages (I know...buzz off - my tree isn't up yet!) and we'll see how well Elizabeth can behave around these temptations. She can tell you what Santa says, "Ho Ho!" Now we'll have to see if I can get her on Santa's lap for a photo again this year (not holding my breath!)

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