Saturday, June 9, 2007

US Open Bound

Sweetness, Tierney, Sengewalt & I are headded to the US Open on Thursday & I couldn't be more excited!!!

With a 1:36 tee time (#10 hole) - from Rancho Santa Fe, CA - Phil Mickelson!!! (Tiger goes off at 8:06 on #1, Mom...I'm sure that is more important to you than Lefty.

I haven't yet seen a PGA event live - and my first one will be the US Open - at Oakmont, no less! What a lucky girl I am!!!
I can't wait. I'm so excited I had to go out and buy something to wear...I know, excuses, excuses...but I really did need something to wear. Honest!!!
Now if I could only find a new pair of tennis shoes...or locate my golf shoes that I have hardly worn...oh well... Go Lefty!

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Rakhi said...

hope you have a great time.. you sound like i would if it were tickets to see a stanley cup final game with the leafs (i'm canadian - gotta' love hockey)... enjoy...are you taking the baby?